Our school served the industry of Győr with very much success throughout its more than 110 years old history. It is known as a solid tower of engineering education, many great professionals graduated within our walls.

Many things have changed since its foundation and they all determined the development of the institution: higher industrial education, introduction of the secondary school final exam, the World Bank program education.

Mechanical engineering was the area that defined the image of the school from the beginnings until now. Our professional education always managed to follow the change in the industry, the most significant changes started in the early 80s. The first computer arrived, then computer science started its ever growing popularity among engineers and everyday users.

The first World Bank program of 1992 have given a great push for development: besides the financial possibilities it started the restructuring of the school in such a way that hardly any school had dared to do. Mechanical engineering had been accompanied by computer sciences that made the new information sciences faculty available with the aid of the World Bank. Electronics and commerce-marketing faculties had also been added, because we needed all four together.

In 1996 we carried out the EFQM quality model of the European Model for Quality Assurance. We competed in the World Bank program again in 1998 with the aim of a market-oriented competency-based technical education. In 1999 the school had won the Comenius 2000 quality assurance program run by the Ministry of Education that made the school an ISO 9001:2000 compatible educational institute.

We have been local academy since 2000, almost since the start of the Hungarian Cisco Academy system, evolved into regional academy in 2006 and we became one of the three Instructor Training Centers in Hungary in 2012. The last milestone was becoming ASC in mid 2013.